Can your company afford to waste £33,179?

That’s what one large public sector company has wasted through not conducting an efficient, objective and thorough investigation into a claim of bullying against a senior manager by several members of staff.

For six months, the senior member of staff has been on ‘gardening leave’ whilst a manager has been trying to investigate the complaints.  During that time, the senior manager has been drawing a salary of about £6,666 per month.  The investigation, which started six months ago, has not yet been completed, so the company has lost £39,999 so far without an end in sight.  Add to that a possible settlement at the end of the investigation and the disruption costs and loss of morale suffered by the complainants and the £ signs go up and up.

Now, if that company had bought my Online Investigating Harassment and Bullying Pack for £155, the investigator would have learnt an effective and impartial method of investigating that would have taken her/ him about four working weeks to complete.  So I believe the company could have saved five months in salary costs.  Take off the £155 and it would have given them a total saving of £33,179.

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