Don’t allow expensive mistakes

Companies need to avoid two expensive mistakes:

  • Not dealing effectively with harassment
  • Getting investigations wrong

These have been listed by People Management  as two of HR’s costliest mistakes.

Allowing damaging behaviour to go unchecked or conducting a poor investigation can cost companies a great deal of money.  If cases go to a tribunal, it can cost on average £8,500 to defend a claim and the average award during 2013-14 was £12,148.30.  These figures do not include sickness absence, disruptive team working, resignations, management time dealing with challenging people issues, etc.

Contact me, Jean Kelly, on 01753 861771 or email , if you would like an objective, thorough and fair investigation into a harassment or bullying allegation in your workplace.  Take advantage of the impartial approach we have developed over the last 20 years.  Or, even better, contact me if you would like me to help mediate and diffuse the conflict you are faced with.