Conciliation Service to defuse workplace conflict

By using our coaching and conciliation service in cases of harassment and bullying, you and your organization will benefit by:

  • A “nip it in the bud” approach to dealing with conflict.
  • Less damage to working relationships.
  • Staff becoming resourceful and self reliant.
  • Minimising the need of enduring time-consuming and costly investigations and Employment Tribunal proceedings
  • Creating more harmonious and effective working relationships

We offer

  • One-to-one sessions with any party involved in harassment, bullying and workplace disputes.
  • Coaching for recipients of harassment and bullying to encourage them to develop confident strategies for dealing with people and to believe in their self worth.
  • Coaching for staff accused of bullying and harassment to help them reassess their behaviour and review its impact on others.
  • Coaching managers to develop their skills and confidence in dealing with workplace conflict.
  • Coaching senior managers to support staff in creating a bullying and harassment free environment…

Jean Kelly Consultancy Ltd provides coaching services to resolve workplace conflict. Coaching services include sessions on harassment, bullying and workplace disputes.