Harassment and Bullying Online Awareness pack

Would you like to be able to:

  • Understand the difference between harassment and bullying
  • Know your rights and responsibilities as a manager and worker
  • Realise the importance of managing and behaving reasonably in the workplace – and with respect to all colleagues
  • Appreciate legal responsibilities and how to avoid legal pitfalls
  • Know the difference between bullying and strong, fair management
  • Have a team of staff who behave appropriately at work – so cutting down on bullying and harassment grievances and complaints
  • Ensure that your Employee Engagement Survey results show a reduction in those who feel they have been bullied or harassed
  • Your team to train through an online, certificated course
  • Have the chance to apply learning to real life case studies
  • Achieve all this without leaving your desk?

In this unique, online learning pack, I have demystified harassment and bullying and simplified the concepts involved. By working through this pack, anyone in the workplace can become aware of these important issues and learn to manage and interact in an appropriate way.  This is available to you for only £35.
When you have completed the pack, complete the online questionnaire. You will receive a Satisfactory Completion Certificate if you correctly answer 80% of the questions – and feedback and support if you do not.

Read below what other people felt able to do as a result of going through this learning:

“I am more aware of spotting possible harassment and bullying incidents.”

“I will now encourage staff to be more conscious of others’ situations and the need to support each other and to challenge any behaviour which occurs which they consider to be unreasonable/inappropriate.”

“I will discuss with my manager how to roll this out to the whole team.”

“I will think before I act. Will it hurt people’s feelings? What affect will it have on them?”

Once you have completed the pack, please send me your feedback. I am happy to offer any further support you might need.

Wishing you well in promoting reasonable and respectful behaviour at work.


Price: £35.00

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