Super People Manager

Does this ring true for you?

  • You have been promoted because of your expertise but not been given the opportunity to train in the soft skills side of people management.
  • You find your time taken up with difficult people management issues.

How would it be if you could train to be a truly Super People Manager?

So that you could

  • Cope with challenging people issues
  • And support other managers to ensure they dealt with their staff in a reasonable and respectful way.

Think of the time, money and angst this would save you and your company, so that ‘difficult’ people and poorly managed teams are a thing of the past.

If this does ring true for you but you have not got the time or money to go on a people management training course, take advantage of this unique online training package:

Super People Manager

And, included in the price of £55 you will receive six months’ tele or email support from me, Jean Kelly.  You don’t have to do this alone.

For 20 years, I have supported companies and organisations in dealing with challenging people management issues in the workplace.   During this time I have devised and delivered numerous training courses, coached individuals and investigated formal grievances relating to harassment and bullying.

This package is based on my experience.  I have considered both the mistakes managers have made and considered what successful people managers were doing.  All this I have put into this interactive, intensive package.

As you work through it you will learn how to:

  • demystify harassment and bullying
  • manage in a reasonable and respectful way
  • understand the key reasons people managers are successful
  • listen and coach your staff
  • diagnose how conflict occurs
  • understand the differences in people’s styles that cause disputes at work
  • manage in a way that means your staff are no longer ‘difficult’
  • support your fellow managers when they are faced with challenging people management issues.

The package includes the following:

  • A comprehensive workbook
  • Six months’ tele or email support from me, Jean Kelly
  • Monthly extras – books, videos and supportive material - that will be sent to you by post or email

Click below to download your copy and begin to be a Super People Manager.

Super People Manager - An online training package to help develop exquisite people management skills, so you can manage and support your staff, defuse conflict, listen and coach and deal with people management challenges. Includes 6 months' tele-support from Jean Kelly.


Price: £55.00

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