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Defusing Workplace Conflict in a VIRTUAL BOX!

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All the resources you need to defuse workplace conflict – both formally and informally.
In one virtual box!

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  • Imagine being able to detect the early warning signs of workplace conflict so that you can nip disputes in the bud.
  • Think how wonderful it would be to learn how to manage and treat staff in such a way that complaints of bullying or harassment do not happen.
  • Visualise a time when workplace conflict is dealt with easily and effectively and formal investigations are managed robustly and objectively.

Perhaps you already realise that with a little help from someone experienced and skilled in resolving conflict, you could develop the ability to deal with any workplace conflict that arises, or defuse it at such an early stage that it never develops.

If you buy Defusing Workplace Conflict in a Virtual Box, full of resources developed by Jean Kelly, you will be able to do exactly that.

Why learn from Jean Kelly?

I have over 18 years’ experience in all aspect of resolving conflict and dealing with challenging disputes. All that I have learned is here for you in this box – a wealth of workbooks, manuals, and resources – ready for you to learn from and apply in your workplace straightaway.


 See how valuable each one will be to you.

Resolving Workplace Conflict Made Easy - Workbook

Would you like to be able to:

Resolving Conflict Book

  • Spot the early warning signs of conflicts at work.
  • Nip disputes in the bud before they turn into excessively time-consuming problems and grievances.
  • Develop teams that work effectively together so avoiding costly disputes and poor behaviour.

The Resolving Workplace Conflict Made Easy Workbook does exactly what it says.

I am certain you will be amazed how easy it is to resolve workplace conflict. You will achieve peace of mind knowing you can deal quickly and easily with difficult people management issues and develop strategies that will ensure that future conflict is avoided.

By using the approach outlined in this Workbook, I have resolved many workplace disputes.

“Y has withdrawn his grievance against his manager and, thanks to your approach, they have come to understand each other’s point of view. Y no longer argues with his manager and, in return, his manager is able to give him the responsibility he was craving for and allow him to represent the team at external meetings. Before you worked with him, Jean, Y’s behaviour was disruptive and disrespectful to both his colleagues and our clients. There is a much better atmosphere now and Y’s manager is becoming more and more confident.” - A director of a large organisation talking about my successful approach with two senior members of staff.

Resolving conflict is easy when you use this workbook. Don’t struggle without it any longer.
Take advantage of this £99 offer and buy all these resources in a virtual box!


How to Investigate Formal Complaints of Harassment and Bullying – a step by step guide to a proven method – a manual

  • Would your organisation benefit from a proven method of investigating formal complaints of harassment and bullying?
  • Would you like a consistent approach to investigating complaints impartially and robustly?
  • Would it be a weight off your mind if every investigator in your organisation followed a well-tested and sound approach that led to fair conclusions and findings.

Our manual, How to Investigate Formal Complaints of Harassment and Bullying is the only MANUAL of its kind that takes you through a step-by-step process to help you formally investigate complaints.
Here’s what is included in the manual:  How to Investigate Formal Complaints of Harassment and Bullying

A proven system to show you how to:

  • cut through conflicting evidence
  • navigate legal minefields
  • deal with reluctant interviewees
  • find and analyse worthwhile evidence
  • adopt a professional approach to all interviews
  • reach conclusions based on facts
  • make impartial findings
  • produce a clear, evidential and transparent report

“I have found the guidance invaluable. It gives clear structure to what can be a massive amount of conflicting information - the report style is great and can be edited easily for different parts of the process. The standard letter formats are also something I think we should tweak and use in-house to support investigators through the process.” Strategic Business Manager, large private sector company.

With this manual, you will be ready to face any formal complaint that comes your way – no matter how complex or difficult.

Why struggle without it?

7 Easy Steps to Promote Workplace Harmony – a training resource

Image of 7 Easy steps to promote harmony

  • Are you a manager who hasn’t been trained in people management skills?
  • Would you like to manage staff in a way that is unlikely to result in claims of harassment and bullying?
  • Do you want your supervisors and managers to deal effectively and respectfully with staff but you don’t have the resources to send managers on management development programmes?

7 Easy Steps to Promote Workplace Harmony is the resource you have been looking for. This practical pack contains a wealth of information that enables you to handle all aspects of people management easily and successfully – without the need for a lengthy and costly training programme!

For over 18 years, I have been working with individuals and organisations helping them deal with bullying and harassment in the workplace. Having witnessed the mistakes managers make, I spent many months analysing my observations and seeking to understand the key issues that were causing the problems. I then began to think about the steps managers could take to avoid these mistakes – steps they could take to promote workplace harmony.

"I liked the way the pack raises awareness of how managers like to be treated themselves so they learn how to treat others in the same way. It gives strategies for dealing with conflict and the skills that often new managers are lacking. We are going to incorporate the pack into our development programme for new managers in the hope that,if they get it right in the first place, we won’t have to back pedal later on to sort out conflict issues.” HR and Training Manager, private sector company."

This pack consists of

    • The book, 7 Easy Steps to Promote Workplace Harmony – small enough to slip into your briefcase so you can carry it around for easy reference.
    • A toolkit, containing further explanations, 17 Skills’ Development Activities to work through and summaries of the learning to ensure effective implementation of the 7 Steps.
    • An MP3 recording with examples of the listening and coaching skills highlighted in Steps 3 and 4.

This resource is unique.



How to be Bully Proof! A powerful little book which retails at £9.99          How to be bully proof book cover

You can be bully proof! You can become resourceful and confident in dealing with people, whether they are colleagues, managers or customers. You can stop feeling upset by the behaviour of other people. Read How to be Bully Proof and learn how.

“How to be Bully Proof is so good, right from the first page. I can never explain properly how helpful this book is. I found it reassuring and empowering. Even though things are going well for me now, I will keep my copy so I can always have it to refer to – either for myself or to help anyone else in the same position.” Christine

Are you are suffering from bullying at work? Have you been made to feel undermined or offended by the behaviour of a colleague or manager? Do you want to help others who have been bullied or harassed? Do you worry about where to go for help or who to turn to?

How to be Bully Proof is the answer you have been looking for. This easily read book, full of practical suggestions and exercises, will change how you view yourself and others. You will realise that you don’t need to be put down by other people and made to feel unhappy or inadequate. This book will empower you to feel good about yourself, despite the unpleasant or difficult behaviour you may be facing.

“I was able to help a friend by what I had learnt in How to be Bully Proof. She was being bullied at work but in the end she found the strength to leave and get another job which she really enjoys. She is currently on temporary promotion and much happier.” Ann

There are some big ideas inside this book - ideas that have changed the attitude and approach of its readers. Once they grasped the concepts in How to be Bully Proof, they indeed became bully proof!

“I found How to be Bully Proof so easy to read and understand which is just what you need when you are under a lot of pressure. It helped me deal with a difficult situation and gave me the strength to look at things in another way. By changing my approach, I stopped ‘falling down the same hole’ and life is becoming more enjoyable!” Sharon, an employee in a Government Department.

“When I read your book, I was so surprised - it was like you had read my mind and put into words what was happening to me. It was a great comfort to be able to finally have some understanding and recognition of what was going on and that actually I could 'fight' back through the techniques and exercises given. This book has honestly changed my life and I really think everyone should read it.” Ros, who was bullied at work.

I know you can feel powerless when faced with unacceptable behaviour at work. I know bullying and harassment can destroy your confidence and self-esteem. But I also know that, by adopting a new approach, you can feel resourceful, powerful and self-assured.

Reading How to be Bully Proof will show you how!

As well as the resources above, in your virtual box you will get free links to the following bonuses:

        1. Our unique Conflict Calculator – our unique tool to help you estimate the huge cost of conflict in your workplace.
        2. Our ebook – 47 Ways to Defuse Workplace Conflict – further tips and ideas to ensure your workplace is conflict-free.

And you will receive through the post a special bonus - our amazing Empowering Beliefs’ Calendar – a little resource that packs a big punch (normally retailing at £5).


At a knockdown price of £99 until 31st January 2013, after which it will be discontinued!



Price: £99.00

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